School Field Trips

ImagineU Children’s Museum LOVES field trips! With 8 major interactive exhibits, ImagineU is designed around the concept that learning through play is an effective tool for children and adults alike. The ImagineU exhibits and programs are integrated with Common Core school curriculum to stimulate curiosity and motivate learning.

We welcome Home Schools and Day Cares as well.


At a Glance

  • 8 major interactive exhibit areas, both indoor and outdoor
  • Exhibits cover ages K-8
  • Docents are on hand to provide assistance in exhibit operation
  • Multiple crafts are always available free of charge
  • Grade-specific Teacher Resource Guides are available upon request to help prepare students ahead of their visit
  • Up to 80 students, plus chaperones, per field trip
  • Bus unloading area is next to the Museum front entrance
  • Students are divided into 8 equal groups and rotated equally through the exhibits
  • Some areas may have more than one interactive activity or display
  • Each group must be assigned a chaperone. Our Docents will not chaperone a group, but will assist any chaperone with exhibit operation
  • A starting area will be assigned to each group and will be rotated after 10-15 minutes depending on number of groups/students


Scheduling a Field Trip

If you’d like to schedule a field trip with us, please contact the Museum to identify the best day and time for your trip. These are generally scheduled in 2 hour blocks, though they can be extended for an additional charge.

Once you’ve booked your field trip, ImagineU will send you a confirmation email containing your confirmation number, method of payment, grade-specific Teacher Resource Guide, plus instructions on preparing your group to speed up your arrival.

Field trips requests can be made online using our contact form. The following information will be required:

  • Number of students
  • Number of chaperones
  • Grade level of students
  • Date and time of visit
  • Primary contact phone and email
  • Special accommodations
  • Payment method


Rates and Chaperone Requirements

In all cases, chaperones (10:1 ratio) are free. Additional chaperones will be charged $8 per person.

Standard 2 hour package: $5 per student

3 hour package: $6 per student

4 hour package: $7 per student

ImagineU will accept Purchase Orders from school districts or recognized after-school program providers. Other organizations will be required to pay a 30% non-refundable deposit to confirm the reservation and complete full payment upon arrival to the Museum.


Behavior Expectations

ImagineU requires a 10:1 chaperone to student ratio. While at the Museum, children are expected to stay with their group and chaperone. Chaperones are expected to keep their students from disrupting other Museum guests.