Grove Pick and Pack- Funded by Booth Ranches

Farmer’s Market- Sponsorship Opportunity

Visitors roll up their sleeves and experience a fantastical citrus grove as they pick, sort, weigh, transport, pack, and prepare their fruit for shipping. Visitors can also experience what it’s like to operate their very own Farmer’s Market!

Christman Harmony Park- Funded by Art and Cheryl Christman

Around our Amphi-Meadow is the Christman Harmony Park- an outdoor ensemble of large instruments where children of all ages can create beautiful sounds.

Ready, Set, Grow (5 and under area)- Funded by First 5 of Tulare County

Explore the Enchanted Forrest with surprises around every corner.

Imagination Station- Sponsored by Eloise

Artists discover the huge glass walls in the Paint Room providing the perfect medium for masterpieces, while handy spray bottles and squeegees make easy work of starting over. Recycled materials in the Art Room can be fashioned into take-home craft projects.

Wonderful Water- Funded by California Water Services Co.

Continue the learning experience in the outdoor area where children learn the importance of water and how the water cycle works.

U-Fix-It Garage- Sponsorship Opportunity

Aspirirng engineers perform repairs using a diagnostic computer, rolling trolley and toolbox or help at the service desk, driving, filling, or charging up vehicle.

The Majestic Oak Tree House- Sponsorship Opportunity

Children climb, creep, crawl, and pull their way up the mighty oak to an adventure that awaits in the clubhouse.

Angela’s Castle- Sponsorship Opportunity

Long-time patrons can revisit Angela’s Castle Theatre dress-up area. With new costumes, and returning favorites, children can play pretend.

Active Hands, Active Minds- Sponsorship Opportunity

This area includes the Bernoulli Blower, the Gear Up! table, and The Maze.

Imagination Playground- Rotary Club of Visalia and Visalia Sunset Rotary!

Children can discover the fun of architecture using the giant blue blocks to build bridges, forts and anything else their imagination desires.

Other Fun Favorites include but not limited to: